"My son started seeing Ms. Vivi for private tutoring when he was in middle school and having a lot of trouble with Spanish.  By seeing Ms. Vivi just once a week, he was able to keep up with all the new grammar and vocabulary he was assigned.  His attitude towards his work improved tremendously along with his grades.  We were all so pleased when he was put into Advanced Placement Spanish in high school.  Thanks for all the hard work Ms. Vivi!"            J.D.  - Fort Lee, NJ

        "My children and I took Ms. Vivi's Saturday group class for several semesters.  We wanted to expose our pre-schoolers to the language of their grandparents.  The music and puppets were really great, she was able to keep all the kids focused and they learned effortlessly.  Their favorite parts of the class were the color game and the show and tell.  They always looked forward to Saturday mornings."         R. M.  - Tenafly, NJ

        "I took private lessons with Ms. Vivi for less than 3 months and was able to win over over my husband's entire family in Argentina when I traveled there for my annual vacation. His family was enchanted with my improvement, I was able to have conversations with his cousins without my husband's help for the first time in 8 years!  I highly recommend Ms. Vivi if you are interested in improving your Spanish immensely in a short period of time."   S.V.  - Demarest, NJ
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